Project partners meeting in Turkey

Day 1: Saturday 30.05.2015

We met early in the morning and set off to Warsaw to Chopin airport. We have flown to Istanbul for 2 hours. In Turkey there was a change of time one hour onward, so we were there at 17:00. It was a sunny day. At 19:00 (after some problems) we checked in our hotel. After unpacking our luggage, we went for dinner to the restaurant with a view on beautiful Sultanahmet – and Blue Mosque. We went for a short walk, after that came back to the hotel. Everyone was excited of clash of other culture and ready to get more impressions.

Day 2: Sunday 31.05.2015

We woke up very early in the morning, we couldn’t waste time on sleeping. We ate breakfast in our hotel restaurant and went to see the sights. Firstly, we visited Blue Mosque where women must cover almost the whole body, men - only legs because the religion orders to do that. Next we went for a long walk to Asian part of Istanbul where visited beautiful Dolmabahçe Palace and Harem located close to it. The weather was amazing. We were fascinated with specific Turkish buildings. Later we had free time and in the evening went for dinner to a restaurant.

Day 3: Monday 01.06.2015

We packed our suitcases and checked out from our hotel. We went to the Grand Bazaar, where trading is characteristic for the place. Everyone had enough time to buy souvenirs. After shopping we went to seaport. At 15:30 we set off to Yalova by ferry. We were sailing on Marmara Sea. Our partners from Turkey were waiting for us. We met them fully of positive emotions. Polish students went to their accommodators, teachers have their accommodation in a hotel.

Day 4 : Tuesday 02.06.2015

At 9 am all partners met in school, where was official greeting. Official presentations took place later. At first our group presented our work. Patrick with Caroline presented video about Frederick Chopin, made by students from Comenius Project. Friends from Italy and Turkey showed us their presentations as well. We visited their school. Then we went to Paper Museum and City Museum in Yalova.

Day 5: Wednesday 03.06.2015

In the morning we met in school again. Then we went to the mountains, where we were walking around waterfall and Termal-hot sources that have healing properties. It was raining a lot. Later we had barbecue, we played games and had fun. When the rain stopped, we got warm. In the evening students played football.

Day 6: 04.06.2015

That day we visited another high school – technical college. Then in our partner’s school Turbiak festival was held, they presented us dances and exhibitions. Next we went to visit a city of Iznik. After the trip we went to the theatre, where Turkish students acted on the stage and they were being actors that evening. At night all students met on beach party.

Day 7: 05.06.2015

Our ferry to Istanbul was at 13:30. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our foreign friends. Nobody likes farewells. The atmosphere was sad but who knows, maybe we will meet one day? We left Yalova with rain and tears. In Istanbul it rained cats and dogs. We checked in the hotel. Then we had free time, in the evening we went to our favourite restaurant Doy Doy for dinner.

Day 8: Saturday 06.06.2015

That was really hard day for us. First we visited Museum- Hagia Sophia. Next think was great Topkapı Palace, which was Turkish sultans’ residence for over 380 years. The last object was Cistern- Yerebatan Palace. The weather was beautiful, the sun was perfect. In the evening we went to Grand Bazaar again and after that we had free time.

Day 9: Sunday 07.06.2015

It was the last day of our visit in Turkey. It was a very sunny day. We packed our suitcases and checked out from the hotel. We visited Suleyman The magnificent’s Mosque as well. Later we were walking around other bazars, where we had time for last shopping. At 17:00 we had a plane to Poland. Before 19:00 (Polish time) we landed in Warsaw. As we were very hungry on our way to Wąbrzeźno we went to restaurant for quick dinner. Tired, but full of positive impressions, we got Wąbrzeźno at 23:00.

We are sorry that it is the end of our Comenius project. It was a great adventure for us and big experience as we met new people, visited new countries, made new friends. Of course, our extra Saturday classes, work on project tasks integrated us as school mates and we learnt lots of new things. Moreover, we are more conscious and open to new ideas and are not afraid of our English language abilities.


                                                                                              Izabela Wilczynska - klasa III TE

                                                                                              Filip Wierzbowski - klasa III TL

  Project partners meeting

11-19 October 2014 was the time that we participated in the partners meeting of Comenius project 'SOS-Time'.   A group of 12 people- 8 students and 4 teachers from our school went to visit partners in Castiglione del Lago, Italy. Castiglione del Lago is situated in the region of Umbria, about 100 km from Rome.

On Saturday at 11.00 a.m. we flew from Modlin airport and in the afternoon we landed in Rome (Ciampino airport). After checking in, short rest and dinner, we went on the first city tour. We walked the streets of old Rome and the evening provided all of us amazing experiences. We visited mostly on foot, sometimes used the subway. The problem of being tired was not a problem at all. The desire to see as much as possible meant that the next day in the morning we continued our explorations of the city. Coloseum - the most important symbol of the eternal city, the Arch of Constantine, Palatine Hill, Forum Romanum, Capitol, Altar of the Fatherland (Vittoriano) - a huge building of white marble which is also the monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Circus Maximum are just some of the places that we visited .

On Monday, before leaving for Castiglione we had a few hours to explore the city so we went to the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon-visited temple dedicated to all the gods, the Spanish Steps-one of the most visited tourist sites in Rome and Piazza del Popolo.

In the afternoon we left Rome. The journey took two hours by train. At the station in Castiglione del Lago Italian teachers, students and their parents waited for us. Our students stayed with Italian families, where they had the opportunity to meet the daily life and customs of their colleagues. Another advantage was the need to communicate in English, so the whole time they tried to improve their language skills

The next day it was a working session at school. It was time where we presented our activities and their effects. Each school presented the progress of their project work. Our school presented the so-called second product of the project - a printed album that contains work done by students on some Teutonic castles. Richly illustrated, enriched with images of Italian and Turkish participants of the previous meeting (Poland, May 2014) caused great interest among both teachers and students involved in the project. Each of the participants of the meeting in Poland received the album as a gift.

Another form of presentation of our school was the report of the Open Doors (May 2014). It was introduced by Patryk Witkowski (III TE / TMH) in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. There were pictures and descriptions of all courses of education in our school, classrooms and ways of presenting the various jobs.

The last point of our presentation was a calendar made during the course of the previous project- Euro Economics and description of this project. Bilingual Calendar 'Euro notes and coins' was created in the classroom under the direction of the teachers: Mrs Aleksandra Lugiewicz and Mrs Aleksandra Goldyszewicz. And, these publications were a gift for our Turkish and Italian friends, too.

In the afternoon we were taken on a tour to the island of Maggiore. Isola Maggiore is one of three islands located on Trasimeno Lake . We went there by ferry and spent a few hours exploring the mysteries of this beautiful island.

The next day there was a day trip to Perugia. Perugia is a beautiful city with plenty of monuments and historical buildings. Each building, each street impresses with its beauty. For us, especially attractive was a visit to the Perugia University to explore its interior.

Delighted, full of impressions we returned to Castiglione del Lago and, the next day in the morning we met at school and started the game using QR codes in order to collect encrypted information about the selected objects. At the same time it was a presentation by the Italian partners of their project product.

A several-hour trip was a perfect form of integration for our students.

In the afternoon we met in a Renaissance palace on a castle hill, where we were met by a representative of the local authorities. An additional attraction was the lecture of the Professor from University of Bologna on the beautiful frescoes adorning the walls and ceilings of the palace. The last point of the day was a visit to the castle – a fortress from the XII century. The views from the tower of the castle on the surrounding city and the lake was breathtaking.

Friday was the last day of our staying at the partner school. It was an opportunity for the Italian to present us local projects made in the school in the last years. Italian students showed a presentation of their after school activities. Interesting ideas are for us an inspiration and encouragement to continue to work with our students. After the presentations there was time to further explore the school. School workshops, classrooms of mechatronics and mechanics, gym are the examples of some places that we saw. We were also invited to the EHT plant (heating elements) producing solar panels, floor heating, etc. The firm cooperates with the school where students take their apprenticeships. A number of structures and devices delighted both students and teachers.

All the afternoon students spent under the care of Italian families. It was a time for open discussions, team games and plays, walks and sports activities. In the evening we said goodbye to our friends and returned to Rome. It was sad to leave after such a pleasantly spent time in a company of our Italian and Turkish friends.

After five days in Castiglione del Lago we returned to Rome to visit the Vatican. Undoubtedly, the St Peter’s Vatican Basilica is the most important place to visit. We spent a few hours in the Basilica and St. Peter's Square watching colorful costumes of the Swiss Guard; we admired the St. Angel’s castle situated near the Vatican, on the right bank of the Tiber. We wanted to save as much as possible, because we were aware that in next several hours we will not be here. On Sunday early in the morning we flew to Poland. We ended our wonderful visit to Italy. It was a great adventure for us. Memories of the visit and thousands of pictures taken by us will always remind us these beautiful moments.


The next meeting in Turkey in June 2015. It will be also the last meeting and a summary of the whole project. It means a lot of work to make the last third task of the project. So- it is time to work! See you in Turkey soon!


Comenius Partnership Meeting in Wąbrzeźno

S.O.S.-TIME Project

 On 26 - 31 May 2014 in our school took place an international meeting of students and teachers within the program Comenius School Partnerships. Groups of 28 students and teachers from Turkey and Italy came to Wąbrzeźno to present the progress of the project, exchange experience and visit some places. The group from Turkey- 7 teachers (including the headmaster of the school) and 10 students; the Italians-3 teachers, the headmaster and 7 students. Our school was represented by the project coordinator, Alexandra Ługiewicz, teachers of English- Elżbieta Piątek and Hanna Kowalska and a group of 14 students. In an official meeting at the school attended by the Vice Starost -Mrs. Bożena Szpryniecka, a representative of the Department of Education-Mrs. Małgorzata Piaskowska, headmaster of school - Mr. Stanislaw Bytnar and deputy head- Mr. Tadeusz Gierszewski and the teachers and students involved in the project S.O.S.-Time.

comenius maj2

After the ceremonial welcome, speeches and presentations our guests visited school-labs, classrooms, a gym and exposition with materials and photographs relating to the project.

Large part of the meeting took presentations on the partner schools and the tasks performed by students. In the first part of the school meeting there were presentations that resulted from the project tasks. They were strongly connected with culture, history, geography and tradition seen by the project partners.

After lunch we continued our meeting. In this section, we shared ideas and materials relating to the next task of the project. Our school team is working on the history of the Teutonic Knights and castles of the Teutonic Order. The Italians -on botanical gardens and the Turkish team -recycling and conservation. The exchange of ideas and experiences encouraged the integration of the group, and it determined nice atmosphere during the meeting.

After school we went for a walk to show our guests the most interesting places in our town.

At the end of the first day of the meeting we played football fights where mixed international groups-girls / boys / students / teachers in the spirit of combat sports have played a series of football matches at the school gym.

The next day - Thursday 29 May 2014 on our way to Malbork we stopped for a few minutes in Radzyń Chełmiński to admire the monumental ruins of the castle of the Teutonic Knights from XIII century. The building made a great impression on our partners. The history of this castle also belongs to our work about the Teutonic Order-history and castles-The history of the Teutonic Order and the most beautiful Teutonic Castles.
Then we went on our way to Malbork. 4-hour visit at the castle - the impressive buildings provided unforgettable memories to participants. It was a pity that the weather was not more friendly to us It was a little cold. However, it did not spoil the mood and atmosphere of joyful trip. On the way back to Wąbrzeźno it was a kind of music festival. International songs and singing, warm atmosphere made the students feel happy and relaxed.

May 30, 2014 - Friday, 9:00 am-visit to the Practical Training Centre in Wąbrzeźno. Our guests had an opportunity to see where our students take apprenticeships and practical classes. A particular interest was the mechatronics laboratory equipment.

After the visit in Training Centre we went to Toruń. The trip provided amazing impressions with historical city and the buildings associated with the Teutonic Knights. After walking tour we participated in historical classes in the House of Legend in Toruń. These classes engaged participants in a fun, humorous presentation with the most popular legends of Torun.

On Saturday morning, our partners left Wąbrzeźno. It was sad….. We experienced a lot of wonderful moments together. The most important, however, is how much we have learned during the visit of our partner countries and the fact that it does not matter what country we come from, the cultural differences are not an obstacle to cooperation and understanding each other. In October another meeting-this time in Italy. Thus, counting the time until October ...!


First meeting In Turkey

A kick - off meeting took place in Yalova, Turkey in November, 11-16. Three- person- group from the school in Wabrzezno had an opportunity to meet their partners, colleagues from schools in Turkey and Italy. Wabrzezno school was represented by Aleksandra Lugiewicz, project coordinator, Stanislaw Bytnar, school headmaster, Elzbieta Piatek, teacher. It was an opportunity for all partners from Comenius Partnerships- Comenius Multilateral School Partnerships to meet and discuss the schedule of the project activities, tasks, partners’ meetings and visits. The program of the visit included meetings with Turkish teachers, students, trips to wonderful Istanbul, to historical city - Bursa and, of course, visiting Yalova. The nice and warm atmosphere of the meeting has encouraged all participants to an active work and great engagement in the Comenius project.







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