Monday was a very long day. Travel started very early - at 5am. Then the flight to Germany and from there to Bologna. After accomodation in a hostel we had free time to visit the beautiful city and for some rest.


Tuesday started with further exploring Bologna. We made sure that this city with every day is getting more beautiful. Nice people and wonderful architecture. In the evening it was time for a further train ride to the family. At 8 pm we were there. Families took away each of us and it was time to get to know each other.



On t
he first day of our staying we were in lessons. We spent 2 h in different schools, and then we met all in Bucine. There the mayor of the town, teachers and pupils from the school greeted us and played the short concert. Next we painted together one picture and we went to eat the snack. Later we had an rehearsal of our songs for the performance of all countries. As it turned out Polish text was different from the one we learnt. After long discussion we solved that problem. Next we had a working meeting and after that we went to the park for a walk and made the picnic. The rest of the day we spent with our host families.



Between 800-1000 with our Italian friends attending classes. Then we went to Pergine Second School, where we took part in teacher-prepared games. After all the tasks we had time for dinner. After that, go to the house to prepare for dinner with teachers, students and parents. And also to dine for a meal together we toured San Pancrazio and listened to the concert prepared by the students. After dinner we invited all the people to dance. At the end, Mrs. Sabrina prepares for a surprise in the form of a cake with the logo of the project, and at the end she gets a lantern of luck, which we had to let go. This day is full of excitement, excitement and fun.




On Friday we went to school where in the morning we took a part in two lessons. After that we went to school in Ambra. There we participated in a city game about finding some buildings from the pictures. It was really interesting. Than we went back to our families and we integrated to spend our free time. After 9 am we met together and watched films from previous journeys. After all of these all of the countries took a part in a big concert where they performed they national songs. Our Polish Erasmus team prepared a folk song 'Czerwone Jabłuszko'. We had lovely costumes with colorful coronets and beats. It was very nice to watch us in our national costumes performing a song with the Bucine orchestra. Everybody liked our performance.We put a lot of work and effort into preparation to the concert but it was worth.


On saturday we went to Florence. The whole group met at train station at 8 a.m. The journey was really nice. At the beginning we went to the cathedral. Our guide told us the history of this building and pieces od art we could see inside. Unfortunately when we went outside it was raining. We went quickly with our teachers to the restaurant for lunch. Of course we ordered pasta. After the meal we had free time to see the city or buy souvenirs. After that we went to the monument of the boar, because some believe if you touch his face you'll come back to Florence one day. The weather wasn't very nice so we took a short walk around the town and went back to the train station. Unique architecture of Florence will remain in our memory for a long time!




Sunday was the day spent with our host families. It was time for visiting new places. Some of us went to Siena, another to Arezzo.Those two cities amazed us with their architecture. We admired wonderful buildings, beautiful historical places and narrow streets. The whole day spent with our families and friends integrated us much more. it was a lovely time spent outside school in small groups of people.



On Monday we left our host families. It was difficult time for us to say goodbye to our hosts with lots of tears and sad moments.We went on the train to Bologna. We came to the city and then we had free time that we spent visiting the old city with some monuments and museums. We saw the old part of university where our astronomer Nicoalus Copernicus studied. It was the last chance to say goodbye to beautiful towers and historical buildings of Bolognia.

On Tuesday we left our hostel at 7:30 in the morning and we went to the airport. Ithe weather was not nice-lots of rain all day. We had a change in Vienna and then went straight to Poland.






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